What does awkwardly excising the word “Christmas” from songs accomplish?

Below, American schoolchildren sing a bastardized version of Sir Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” song, with the much-expected but still appalling alteration of the word “Christmas” to “holiday”.

Seriously, who the hell comes up with this stuff, much less approves it? Just like the lyrics to Lennon’s “Imagine” shouldn’t be changed to make them pro-religion, the lyrics to Christmas carols shouldn’t be messed with. Imagine schools changing lyrics to Hanukkah songs to make them generic, or those from any other culture. This isn’t the only example of such lunacy, but it is of particular note that the parent of the girl featured in this video (the uploader) is an atheist, and made this comment in the description:

Caitlyn and her friends sing “Three Little Birds” and “Simply Having A Wonderful [Holiday] Time” (even as a little atheist, Caitlyn thought the substitution for the word Christmas was a bit ridiculous).

The reason behind regrettable decisions like this (in the U.S. at least; this has also occurred in Canada and Australia) is typically a combination of overreaching political correctness and fear of litigation due to a perceived violation of the Establishment Clause. The latter is totally unfounded, as the Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that Christmas music and decoration is fine—even if it is explicitly religious—so long as secular themes are included in the overall presentation. Yes, that means that even nativity scenes are conditionally fine in schools, yet we are seeing completely secular Christmas songs having that offending word removed.

What do you think the driving reason is behind these kinds of occurrences? Is it political correctness? White guilt? Faux-multiculturalism? Fear of ligitation? Add your opinion to the comments below.


One thought on “What does awkwardly excising the word “Christmas” from songs accomplish?

  1. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone wish others a “happy halloween”.
    I don’t celebrate Christmas, and don’t consider it a wonderful holiday. I’m not opposed to others celebrating it, and I’m not opposed to people wishing me a Merry Christmas, but I find the incessant playing of Christmas songs in stores to be annoying, especially since none of those songs would be my “type” of music regardless of their affiliation with Christmas (e.g. “Jingle Bells” has no religious message, but I have never liked it as a song. I feel the same way about “chopsticks”, the piano “song”.)
    Moreover, the obsession with buying stuff is obscene, and it appears that humans devolve a little more every year, to the extent that we now see more robberies, car break-ins, humans being trampled on Black Friday, car accidents, and family murders (from Black Friday until Jan.2nd) than any other time of year.
    Red and green cookies and peppermint nog give me sugar headaches nowadays, so the food isn’t particularly wonderful to me either.
    As for the rest: the lights, a pine tree dropping pine needles in the house, the gift wrapping,….it all seems like a lot of work with nothing to show for it.

    I do agree that changing song lyrics IS ridiculous, regardless of the reason behind it. Write a new song, I say, but don’t change someone else’s.

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